Gold Package

Gold Package
44 Giant Athena Fountain
Two 3 ft Zeus Pineapple Tree
Recommended up to 250 guests.
Our Dipping Items
Strawberries Pineapple
Bananas Apples
Cantaloupe Honeydew
Grapes Chocolate Chip Cookies
Oreo Cookies Wafer Cookies
Butter Cookies Graham Crackers
Dried Nuts Rice Krispy Treats

... Any other item you might crave (limitations apply)

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Dipping Items

 Number of Guests + US$1.65 

Dipping Item 1 - From List Above

Dipping Item 2 - From List Above

Dipping Item 3 - From List Above

Dipping Item 4 - From List Above

Add a 19" Chocolate Fountain

+ US$99.00 

Add Champagne Fountain

+ US$60.00 

Chocolate Type

Chocolate Color

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