Dessert Receptions


Our magnificent Dessert Buffet displays come with your choice of 6 sumptuous desserts. Our Desserts are "The Talk of the Party.


Reason To Celebrate

You'll pay a whole lot less per guest when you don't have to feed them a full cocktail hour buffet and a six-course sit-down dinner.

With a champagne-only menu (along with wines and coffee for those who don't care for champagne), you'll pay far less for your bar tab than if your bartenders were to mix a wide
range of drinks throughout the night.

Dessert and champagne receptions are unique, something different than what all your guests have experienced a dozen times before. If guests have been to ten traditional weddings so far that season, yours will stand out. And being different usually makes it look like you spent more on your wedding.

This different style of wedding is highly attractive for second-time weddings or as a celebration for all your friends and family after you've returned home from your destination wedding or elopement. It is also great if you're just not the wild partying type and want something more refined.

Dessert receptions are divinely decadent, a real treat where bliss is on the menu.


Dessert Catering Tips

  • After Dinner Hours

    Plan your reception for the evening hours, to start at  7pm or 8pm or later and lasting until 11pm or midnight. Guests won't expect a full meal during these set hours. Announce on your invitation that it will be a dessert and champagne menu.  A simple "Join us for dessert and champagne to celebrate our marriage" will do.

  • Dressing for the Occasion

    Hold your event in a lovely ballroom, an estate home, a bed and breakfast, a hotel penthouse or presidential suite, or even your own home to add an element of upscale ambiance or relaxed coziness. The setting enhances the style, so light that fireplace if you have access to one, decorate with plenty of flowers and candles, or set up your dessert bar on top of a grand piano.

  • Music Sets the Tone

    Hire a single musician, such as a harpist, cellist or pianist to play background music, or just ask to have classical music played on the site's sound system. You can certainly make room for slow dancing in your setting, as well, which makes the event even classier and more romantic.

  • Exotic Drinks

    Add a little extra flair to champagne by adding in a splash of pomegranate juice and a few pomegranate seeds into champagne flutes. You can also try peach juice and peach slices, or the always elegant single strawberries or raspberries at the bottom of each glass.

  • Healthy Choices

    For the diet-conscious, include a few healthier items, like fruit or platters of sliced berries or melons. Remind guests that dark cocoa is good for you!

  • Coffee Enhances Experience

    Serve wonderful, flavored coffees such as hazelnut, cappuccinos and espressos with elegant after-dinner drinks.

  • Cigars Anyone?

    Some couples even set up a cigar bar and play jazz music for the ultimate elegant finish to the evening.

Ideas Recap

With the perfect decor touches and your favorite music playing - this reception will be simply unforgettable.  Sharon Naylor is the author of "How to Have a Fabulous Wedding for $10,000 or Less", "The Complete Outdoor Wedding Planner", and more than 20 other wedding books.

Dessert Receptions Tips

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Traditional receptions can be costly and a nightmare to plan. A dessert reception can be cost effective and give an upscale feel at half the cost or more!

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